Homestay Testimonials

Leticia Farnezes Figueiredo, (Brazil) 

Leticia web2“Homestay is definitely one of my favorite things about studying abroad. The experience you have living with a family is unique. Learning about their culture, habits and hobbies is spectacular. I love kids and pets, so Manhattan Language put me in the perfect family: a lovely couple, three kids, a cat and a dog. It couldn't have been better! My host mom and I love cooking, and this resulted in great cooking moments. She shared some recipes with me and I taught her how to make a Brazilian dish. Everybody loved eating pão de queijo! There was another girl staying in the house and she was Italian, which made the learning even richer. My New York experience happened in April 2016, and I still keep in touch with the friends I made and my host family. Can't wait to study abroad one more time and continue collecting memories like this!“


Stéphanie Macé, (Reunion Island)

Stephanie web2“I stayed with Maryann Agate in July 2016 and I had an amazing time with her! Her house is perfectly located in a quiet area where the M subway train terminates, which is very convenient at peak times. And it’s only 35 minutes from downtown Manhattan. You just have to walk just 5 minutes to get to the station. Next to the station, there is a hypermarket and a shopping mall further down. The house is extremely comfortable and Maryann is by far the best homestay mum I ever had (I’ve stayed in nearly 15 homestays in different countries).

Maryann found the perfect balance between being friendly to her hosts and respecting their privacy. Whenever I go back to NYC, I already know, I’ll stay with her again.”


 Catherine Wang, (China)

Catherine crop dana out web2“I studied in Manhattan Language for eleven weeks in Sep-Nov last year. As you know, the most difficult issue for a new foreign student after landing in NYC is how to find a cost-effective place to stay. This is definitely not an easy task to handle on your own.
When I firstly checked in to the school, I didn't expect to be so lucky to figure out my homestay reservation within 24 hours. Ms. Dana, the Homestay Program Coordinator at Manhattan Language is a highly competent working lady who knows her job very well. She wrote down all my requirements very carefully, consolidated all matching information from her database, and contacted with the candidates very quickly. In the meanwhile, Dana gave me a lot of basic information about the commute and neighborhood to help me make practical choice.

I stayed with two different homestay families during my two trips to New York.  One was located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and the other in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan. All of them were honest people with good reputations, and have long-term relationships with ML. They treated homestay students just like old friends. I had free access to make breakfast as well as other house facilities with no extra charge.

I liked my second homestay host particularly. My host and I shared five weeks of happy time. She always prepared soft drinks, food and fruit for me every week. We watched TV show programs and classical movies together, and we have spent a lot of time talking about current events in America. She has enriched background knowledge of American traditions and culture on festivals like Halloween Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. I have been inspired by her consistent pursuing for her life. I wish her good luck and happiness forever!” 


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