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Applying For a Student Visa

If you are traveling from outside the US to study at Manhattan Language in a full-time program (24 lessons or more per week), you will need to apply for a student visa (F-1).

Applying for a student visa is not a complicated process, and Manhattan Language supports the student throughout the application process. Our experienced staff will guide you through the steps and make sure you have prepared the necessary documents. They will advise you on how to prepare for the questions you may be asked at your visa interview. We also can provide an estimate of the wait times for visa interviews in your country of origin. Contact us to discuss your case!

First, the student needs to obtain an I-20 form from Manhattan Language to apply for his/her student visa. These are the steps that the student should follow to obtain an I-20 form from Manhattan Language:

1. Complete the I-20 Application Form and submit it to Manhattan Language along with the $185 registration fee.

2. Send a copy of your passport.

3. Submit ONE of the following:
• A recent, original bank letter, which shows your current balance in U.S. dollars. The statement must show a minimum of $2,100 for each month you will study at Manhattan Language.
• You may also have a financial sponsor. You will need to submit your sponsor’s bank letter and your sponsor must fill out and sign the Affidavit of Support which is included in the I-20 Application Form
• Your company or a private organization can also be your financial sponsor; submit a letter from the company or private organization on letterhead stating that it will be responsible for your studies at Manhattan Language.

4. After we receive the registration payment and documents, Manhattan Language will e-mail an I-20 form and an Acceptance Letter to the student.

5. When you receive the I-20 form, you should print it, sign it, date it, and take it (along with your financial documentation and passport) to the American  embassy or consulate, where you can apply for an F-1 Visa Stamp. You must pay the $350 SEVIS Fee at least 3 days before you apply for the visa at the American Embassy. To pay this fee, you use the Form I-901 at: FMJfee.com

6. Once the visa has been approved, you MUST pay the full tuition before traveling to the US. This is to avoid any challenges at immigration when entering the country.

Contact us via email at manhattanlanguage@gmail.com or via WhatsApp (+1 (347) 970-0080) to discuss your case and your chances of obtaining a student visa. Consultation is completely free!

Accreditation, Certifications and Authorization

Manhattan Language is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students