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I-20 Application Procedure

To register for a full-time program (24 lessons or more per week for a minimum of 4 weeks); you will need a student visa (F-1).  You will need to obtain an I-20 form from Manhattan Language to apply for your visa.

Complete the Registration Form and submit it to Manhattan Language with:

  • The $150 registration fee
  • Tuition for a full-time program.

Submit ONE of the following:

  • A recent, original bank letter, which shows your current balance in U.S. dollars. The statement must show a minimum of $2,100 for each month you will study at Manhattan Language.
  • You may also have a financial sponsor. You will need to submit your sponsor’s bank letter and your sponsor must fill out and sign the Affidavit of Support on page 5. Please submit the original documents.
  • Your company or a private organization can also be your financial sponsor; submit a letter from the company or private organization on letterhead stating that it will be responsible for your studies at Manhattan Language.

After we receive the tuition payment and all fees and documents, Manhattan Language will mail an I-20 form and a letter to you. If you want Manhattan Language to send your I-20 by express mail, include payment of $125.

When you receive the I-20 form, take it (with your financial documentation and passport) to the American embassy or consulate, where you can apply for an F-1 Visa Stamp.You must pay the $200 SEVIS Fee at least 3 days before you apply for your visa at the American Embassy. To pay this fee, use Form I-901 at www.FMJfee.com

You MUST secure student travel insurance before arrival. You need to show proof of insurance before starting classes. You may purchase insurance from your country or you may purchase insurance from Manhattan Language.

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