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Activity Summary- April 2019

Eric Student Testimonial New York






Last April was full of action for Manhattan Language students! If we talk about food, our Student Ambassador Carolina hosted a delicious Venezuelan dinner and Nese (International Registrar) took the students to a Sunday Turkish brunch in the heart of the city. And talking about action, some brave students took part in the famous annual Pillow Fight at the iconic Washington Square Park, and they all came back in one piece :) Also this month we had karaoke, happy hour, museum visits, salsa lessons...lots of fun options for everyone! Check out the upcoming May activities in our online activity calendar. 


Featured Class- Academic Skills

Academic Skills New York






Academic Skills is a great option for students in need of developing their English skills to excel in an English-speaking university. Students will develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for academic purpose. Some of these topics will include note taking, listening to academic lectures, summarizing articles, writing personal essays, and preparing presentations. The class is best suited for Intermediate Levels and higher, and can be taken as a part of any of our Programs (Tourist, Standard, or Intensive). 

What do you like about the Academic Skills Class? This class has really helped me a lot with my Speaking Skills. We have a lot of opportunities to talk and share our opinion on different topics. I know this will be important when I attend an American University. Our teacher also gives us an essay assigment once a week, so I have a chance to practice my writing skills. It's very useful!  - Sho (Japan) 


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