GlebHeadshot webGleb Belyaev (Russia)
CEO of MO..OW Design

If you're looking for a high-quality and effective Business English course, taught by a teacher who not only is a master at teaching English, but also has real business experience,  Business English at Manhattan Language taught by Anthony Jackson -  is what you need. 

I Gleb Belyaev, architect and interior designer from Moscow, moved to New York in 2014. Of course, I had a great deal of experience using English in business before moving to America;  I have worked in interior design for more than 20 years and had to actively communicate with suppliers from Europe, the UK and Asia. English was mandatory for every  business negotiation. 

Now, after two years of doing business in New York, I believe that the ML Business English Course taught by Anthony Jackson is the best  training available. 

First, the students in the class are all international- they come from many different countries and business cultures.  As we interact in class we are already learning to adapt to each others business cultures and business ethics.

Second, Anthony has extensive experience teaching English to students of different nationalities and he is able to adjust the program according to the individual characteristics of each student. Finally, and perhaps the most important, the business case studies, which he uses in his courses are taken not only from books but also from real life. Anthony offers examples of business case studies such as :Go-Pro, Apple, Uber, and many other American and international corporations.

I am happy to recommend the Business English Classes at Manhattan Language. I learned a great deal and had good practise with American business concepts.  I believe the Business English Classes can be the best investment you can make in the prosperity of your business in America. 


EmilyPic webEmily Chen (Taiwan)
Valedictorian MBA Certificate Program
Northeastern University School of Business

I studied at Manhattan Language for over one year. In the various courses that I took at there, I was able to develop my skills through many practical activities, such as role-plays, reality simulation discussions, presentations, meetings ... and so on.  I found the exercises very effective and similar to the "real world" of business English.

Anthony was my teacher and was very experienced to teach Business English. He has an MBA and several years of experience working on Wall Street. In addition to offering effective teaching, Anthony specializes in helping students to build confidence. In just over a year, I was able to progress from an intermediate level of English to a level suitable for entry into an MBA Certificate Program at Northeastern University School of Business. Having no prior business school background, I had quickly adapted to the American way of MBA classes thanks to the solid business training that I received in the Business English class at Manhattan Language. Over the last full year, I completed my MBA Certificate Program and received Valedictorian status upon graduation.

Back in Taiwan, I still continue to utilize the skills that I used in the classroom, especially English resume writing, interview skills, and job search strategies to help me look for work in foreign companies. Overall, I believe the investment in the Business Class will help students improve their English so that they have the ability to work and to study in an English speaking world.  It’s is the right choice.


StephaneHeadshot webStéphane Péquignot (France)
Artist & Former Director of Marketing Operations – Coca Cola France

Thanks to an amazing encounter, I found a new road to success! 

I took Business English classes at Manhattan Language in July 2015 and then again in the summer of 2016.

In 2015, I was the Marketing Director for a multinational company in France. Although I had worked in international marketing for 16 years, I still needed to improve my English to attend international meetings and manage international team members.

The Business English classes were an amazing accelerator for me. We covered various topics: how to drive meetings; How to manage powerful arguments; how to increase his leadership; how to improve management effectiveness with an international team... It was very helpful and practical. The Business English classes are based on real day to day business experience thanks the high experience of my instructor, Anthony, who has had several lives. The atmosphere of Anthony class is casual but also challenging in a good way. 

In 2016, I went back for a different purpose. I radically changed my way of life and followed my real passion : to create through abstract painting. I became an artist, a painter. My goal in taking lessons was to create a new business in NYC with my painting.

During the first critical moments of those meetings when it is so important to create a good first impression, Anthony's advice and teaching made me able to convince them to accept me as an artist and exhibit my work. I approached several galleries, and I was able to organize two exhibitions in New York City.

If I had to define my Business English teacher, I would say he 

is highly experienced;
is a genuine pedagogue;
adapts to all situations;
has real empathy ;
and. last but not least, is a humorous man.


FelipeHeadshot webFelipe Ruiz Pineda (Colombia)
Creative Director – Leo Burnett Colombia

My experience in the class of Anthony was just fantastic. During the 5 weeks of my study, we focused on language learning applied to business cases and real situations.

The methodology was always very clear, practical and accurate. Anthony’s experience in business was essential to convey the concepts in addition to providing me with the necessary tools to make the most of the class.

As a teacher and/or educator I give Anthony a 10.  On the other hand, I want to emphasize his charisma and personality; not only does it help to make the class more dynamic and entertaining, but also pushes the students to work hard, bringing out the best in each student.

As I told him, he is of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. I learned and I had fun in class, as well as the dinners and outings.

Thanks Anthony.

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